🎶The Age of Dan and Georgie🎶

June 9, 2019

Something feels different. We're in a similar but all too different Universe... It's the Age of Apocalypse. But stick close to Dan and Georgie, we'll lead you to the M'kraan crystal of freedom! Just promise you won't stomp us to death. Or drink us. Or put your tongue through our bellies. Or breath all over our velveteen fur... actually, we'd be totally up for that!

This week, the boys explore the next 4 issues of Generation X Generation Next, because that's the next logical place to go. They also recap the world of Age of Apocalypse as well as give a primer in Astonishing X-Men (Blink and Morph) and X-Calibre (Nightcrawler.)

It's a complete episode dip into the... EVERYVERSE! Age of Dan and Georgie!

It's Generation Next #1-4 (1995) Astonishing X-Men #1 (1995), and X-Calibre #1 (1995)