Bland as Balls

August 18, 2019

No guests this week, so it's just "meat and potatoes" Dan and Georgie coming to your earholes this episode! 

Is an embarrassment (and a bit embarrassment for the creative teams) of "riches" this week, but Dan and Georgie power through the issues and all of Claremont's enormous... prose. We do have some nice character moments between Morph and Nocturne, as well as Banshee and Emma, so not everything is terrible, it's just serviceable. And sometimes bland as balls...

Join us in the... EVERYVERSE!

It's Exiles (2001) #19, Excalibur #18 (1988), and Generation X #7 (1994)

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It's Exiles #18 (2001), Excalibur #17, and Generation X #6 (1994)